Sunday, April 26, 2015

Volkswagen Camper

A kitbashed Volkswagen Camper
A tribute to Stavie van Aardt the Master Builder and to the late Koos Strydom the Master Plumber and Artisan who donated the rainwater gutters and down pipes of this conversion. Stavie van Aardt's Mobile Site Office, "Old Hess" (she is also a 1968 Bay Window Westfalia Camper) - on site at Aliwal North Bokomo - A VW Combi T2 conversion (in scale 1:1 and a kitbashed model in scale 1:87)

Old Hess in scale 1:1
A very popular vehicle - VW Combi conversion 
that roamed in the Town of Aliwal North - 
it was utilised by Stavie as a
Mobile Site Office.

I have sacrificed this VW Combi T1 for this 
project - scale 1:87

Body wrapped and fitted the spare wheel...

Finished the roof - to paint it with Prominent 
Green roof paint.

Stavie on site at Bokomo - The almost finished 
model in scale 1:87 - Koos Strydom to make and 
fit the corner trimmings to the gutters to complete 
his plumbing.

Completely body wrapped with all the frills 
and trimmings.

Completely body wrapped with all the frills 
and trimmings.

With white coded bumpers...

With Architect drawing in hand...

Old "Hess" actually had a Plum coloured roof back then...

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A Model Railway isn’t just a Train Set

"A model railway isn’t just a Train Set, but an attempt to recreate a real life location in miniature. It’s like a 3-D art form." Howard Smith
As the majority of people who believe model trains are for dads and sons, take a visit to a model railway exhibition / convention and you may learn about the level of attention to detail that is given to the hobby. Railway modelling is the biggest hobby in the world and the members of associated clubs range from high profile professionals to the average Joe. It is a hobby that brings varying people together to learn the different traits from scratch building locomotives, coaches, wagons, buildings to electronics to painting and weathering. But most of all, it is about Enjoyment.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

SAR Class 8X Model Locomotive

A Kitbashed OO scale Frateschi Baldwin 2-8-0 Pennsylvania Locomotive. 
To represent a true SAR Class 8X Model Locomotive.

My farewell present May 10, 2013.

May 2013 - The Original Frateschi Baldwin 2-8-0
Pennsylvania Locomotive -
before any kitbashing was started.

In order to represent a true SAR class 8X
Model Locomotive, I had to remove the front
dome from this Frateschi Baldwin 2-8-0
Pennsylvania Locomotive...

With dome removed, I had to close the hole.

The almost finished Model - to make and fit 
the safety valve in front of the cab and 
to close the air vent on the cab roof.

Added some steam and smoke effects...

The almost finished Model ready to take on water.

The almost finished Model in the background.

Made and fitted the safety valve...

A real SAR Class 8X 882 (2-8-0) Locomotive.