Saturday, January 10, 2015

HO scale Garbage Bags

HO scale Garbage Bags - Box with some office waste, twigs and two Municipal black refuse bags.

Monday, January 05, 2015

Steel Cable Sling

How to make a realistic looking steel cable sling in HO scale.

My HO sling is approximately 32mm (1¼") in length - in full scale (scale 1:1) it would measure up to approximately 2,781m (9'1½"), 17 ton rated capacity for a 25mm (1") cable.

Material list:
Acculon Tigertail - the thinnest you can get. LINK TO: Acculon Tigertail
A pair of small hard wire cutters.
A pair of small needle nose pliers or tweezers.
Bostik Blits Stick gel.
A measuring ruler / scale ruler.

Acculon Tigertail - completed the first loop.

The completed sling.

The completed sling. Touch up the joins 
with Metal Silver paint.

Spreader bar with two steel cable slings.
An off cut very thin piece of 
Printed Circuit Board
was used to resemble the 
yellow Spreader bar.

Handy information regarding Slings.

Handy information regarding Slings.

Friday, January 02, 2015

Donkey Cart

A scratch built donkey cart (HO scale) 
First new project for 2015. A South African Layout is NOT complete without a donkey cart - please bear in mind that these donkey carts are built by local farm workers with limited skills, materials and tools, mostly from scrap, recycled materials. 
(My model donkey cart, excluding the donkeys and the pole, is approximately 18 mm wide x 20 mm long x 16 mm high, scale 1:87)

A typical South African rural scene.
A South African Layout is NOT complete without a donkey cart.

The example (scale 1:1) - real life image
of South African Donkeys and Cart.

The wooden chassis and pole.

Measuring proportions.

The almost finished model.

I have "dropped the suspension" of this donkey cart to get the proportions right.

Donkey cart model with "dropped suspension"

I have lowered the side and rear panels as well,
now I am more-or-less satisfied.

My Dalmatian is monitoring the situation.

In America you call these modifications to a motor car - "Chopping and Channeling"
and in Gauteng, South Africa on the West Rand they call it - "ge-chip, ge-tune en ge-drop" LOL

In Mier, Northern Cape, South Africa.